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Business Visa Extension

A One-Year Extension of the Non-Immigrant B Visa is similar to the One-Year Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant B Visa in many respects. The two main differences are: the requirement of employment (the applicant needs to have a valid work permit) and the lack of the requirement to leave the country every 90 days.


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Business Visa Extension

The Thai “B” or Business Visa can be extended to a one year visa. There are precise criteria governing the extension of the visa, which is granted on condition of employment.

These are the regulations for the extension of the “B” Business Visa: 

Business Regulations

  • The business must be registered in Thailand.
  • The company must be capitalized to at least Baht 2 Million.
  • The company must have a ration of at least  4 : 1 – Four Thais for every foreigner.
  • You must earn at least in accordance with the level specified for each nationality.

Duration of the Extension

  • One year at a time.

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