Banking & Finance

We atĀ Mahanakorn Partners GroupĀ assist our clients with their financing requirements. Whether your firm needs trade finance or working capital, we can advise you on the credit facilities that perfectly match your business and help you obtain the most competitive conditions. We also work closely with commercial and investment banks to undertake project finance transactions, especially for Public-Private Partnerships.


Documentary Credit

Documentary credits or, as they are often referred to as Letters of Credit (or L/C), are commonly used in international trade when the parties are not familiar with each other and prefer...

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Import & Export Financing

International trade is oftentimes burdened with significant costs associated with freight, insurance, cross-border payments and foreign exchange, to name a few. Commonly, these...

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Documentary Remittances

Documentary Remittances or Collections are regulated by the ICC Uniform Rules for Collections (URC), publication No. 522. Much like documentary credits, documentary...

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Factoring, also known as Receivables Finance or Invoice Discounting, is a payment mechanism whereby the Exporter sells their receivables (outstanding invoices) at a discount to a bank...

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International Guarantees

The success of cross-border transactions may be undermined by a number of factors and unforeseen circumstances. In order to secure their investment, the parties to an international...

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