Revenue Department Encourages Filing Taxes from Home

Revenue Department Announcement No. 31/2020, May 19, 2020

Mrs. Sommai Siriudonset, Strategic Tax Consultant for the Energy Business Group, as a spokesman for the Revenue Department has announced that “Although Thailand has started to relax restrictions, the Revenue Department is a government organization that meets with businesses and the public every day. Therefore, to prevent the return of a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Revenue Department encourages everyone to socially distance, stay at home, and participate in the ‘TAX from Home’ project.” 

“TAX from Home” was created by the Revenue Department as a way to relax tax-filing regulations and procedures for businesses and individuals. The project was formed in partnership with the financial sector in order to support digital transactions and outreach for the maximum benefit of the public during the present situation. The “TAX from Home” project is extremely convenient for taxpayers, as the entire process is paperless and cashless. Furthermore, users of the “TAX from Home” project are exempt from online tax payment fees from participating banks until the end of 2020. The project eases regulations in the following ways:

e-Registration: The request to submit a form online and the submission of relevant documents can be completed online and submitted immediately via email. There is no need to file in-person at the Revenue Department. Once approved, a User ID and password will be issued to the user so they may start using the service immediately. 

e-Filing: Special privileges and tax deadline extensions are granted to those who file taxes through e-Filing, granting the private sector adequate time to manage their cash flow. 

e-Payment: Almost all banks have agreed to exempt “TAX from Home” users from online tax payment fees until the end of 2020.

e-Refund: The Revenue Department and participating banks will provide a more convenient and safe service by issuing tax refunds through the PromptPay system.

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