Property Services

Our team of lawyers is experienced in all facets of law. Our expertise extends from civil law to criminal law – encompassing family law, property law, business law, arbitration, labor disputes, intellectual property, notary services and power of attorney. We offer personalized legal consultations, enabling you to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of Thai law.

Registration and Conveyance

Registration and conveyance transactions in Thailand are complex. They involve various government departments, can incur several types of taxes and stamp duties, and are governed...

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Title Deed Search

A title deed search is a necessary step in the course of purchasing property in Thailand. A search confirms the existence of liens, identifies the current title classification, establishes...

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Property Purchase Agreement

A property purchase agreement is used to purchase or sell a property. These contracts are generally consistent in content, but the specific language, in some parts, may vary to reflect...

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Lease Agreement

A long-term, 30-year lease is a popular option among foreigners in Thailand who desire the benefits of owning property. The advantage of a lease option over Thai usufruct, superficies...

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Superficies Agreement

A superficies agreement is one in which the owner of a piece of land allows another person the right to own, upon or under the land, buildings, structures or plantations...

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Thailand Usufruct

Although foreign individuals are prohibited from owning land in Thailand, there is a legal option for them to enjoy the benefits of land ownership. A Thai usufruct is an agreement in which...

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